Amazon Travel – 7 days

Amazon Travel  Manu Biosphere

The eastern slope of the tropical Andes and adjacent Amazonian lowlands are home to some of the world’s richest biotas. Here we report on recent surveys and inventories of mammal and bird faunas in Peru’s Manu National Park and Biosphere Reserve and compile these records with prior literature museum specimens, and unpublished records to produce updated lists for both taxa. The lists of 222 species of mammals and 1005 species of birds recorded along an elevational transect in the Manu Biosphere Reserve are the largest for any similarly sized area in the world. Mammals recently documented in the reserve include 147 species, 130 with specimen vouchers. Twelve species were

amazon travel

new to science, and most of these have been recently described; four others might be new and are currently being evaluated. Twenty-nine mammal species are newly added to Manu’s list. The cumulative tally comprises 20 species of opossums, 1 shrew opossum, 2 armadillos, 5 sloths and anteaters, 92 bats, 14 primates, 21 carnivores, 1 tapir, 7 even-toed ungulates, 58 rodents, and 1 rabbit. Avian records include 682 species with specimen vouchers and another 108 documented by recognizable photographs or voice recordings. The avifauna is largely resident, including 911 species that are year-round residents, 42 migrants from the north, 24 migrants from the south or other tropical areas, and 28 vagrants (represented by fewer than three records) .


  • Package Tour: Manu Reserved Zone Tours 7D/6N .
  • Type of service: Private and Group .
  • Locations Visited: Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department -Manu Reserved Zone Tours .
  • Frequency: 5 Times of week.
  • Physical Grading: 1-2-3-4-5.
  • Minimum of participants: 4 .
  • Maximum of participants: 10 .
  • Activities: Amazon peru, Manu Tour, Flora & Fauna, Lake Salvador , Otorongo Lake .
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate for your visit to the manu .
  • Best time to visit: March – December.
  • Departure: All Year .
  • Price 2021: USD$.


  • Start: Cusco City .
    End: Cusco .
  • Group Size: Minimum 4 Maximum 10 .
  • Age Minimum: For this visit to the manu they are from 05 to 15 years with their parents, Adults up to 70 years of age.
  • Style: Original and unique .
  • Type: Adventure and biodiversity / flora and fauna wildilife amazon peru.
  • Tour Route and altitude :Cusco (3,300m.s.n.m.) – Andes– (3830m.s.n.m.) Cloud Forest (1,500m.s.n.m.), Amazon Basin (280m.s.n.m.)
    Manu National Park covers an area of 1716 292 22 million hectares, and is categorized as one of the most extensive parks in South America.



Amazon Travel – 7 days


NOTE: the trip to the reserved zone of the manu of seven days are wonderful observing the flora and wild fauna to get there we have to travel by bus and outboard boat. The weather in certain areas is unpredictable. The program may be subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Manu Biosphere  Length: 7 Days /6N

Amazon Travel Day 1: Manu – Cusco Cloud Forest to Pilcopata .

The lush and misty cloud forest is perhaps the most fragile and threatened type of rainforest. This forest which starts from 11,000 feet, and continue down to about 5,000 feet of elevation, cover the eastern slopes of the Andes, before yielding to the vast lowland forest of the Amazon. This is a kingdom of moss, lichens, ferns, and orchids. We leave Cusco early in the morning to start our adventure! First, we are taken by private transport to a place called Ninamarca to observe pre-Incan “chullpas” (tombs) of the Lupaca culture. Then, we continue to Paucartambo, a colonial town with narrow streets and a beautiful church, where people still keep their old customs. Then, we ascend to the viewpoint Tres Cruces (3,900 masl) a beautiful view of the amazon basin if the weather permits. From there, we start descending to Manu National Park, home of species such as the cock of the rock (the Peruvian national bird), hummingbirds, strikingly-coloured quetzals, trogons, spotted flycatchers, and woolly monkies. In terms of flora, we can view a variety of orchids, mosses, ferns, etc. Finally, we will arrive in Pilcopata (700 masl) where we will spend the night in our jungle Lodge after enjoying dinner and a showe

Amazon Travel  Day 2:  Pilcopata Lodge to Boca Manu .

After breakfast, we will board our private vehicle for an hour and a half to the main port of the Manu – Atalaya National Park (500 masl). There, we will board a motorized boat to continue for about 7 hours navigating the Madre de Dios River. Along the river, we have a great opportunity to observe several species such as herons, vultures, kingfishers, turtles, egrets and some of the 13 species of monkeys that live in Manu! In the afternoon, we will arrive to our next hostel located in Boca Manu where we will spend the night. Showers and toilets available. After dinner we have a night walk in the  Manu wild Nature center .

Amazon Travel Day 3 : Boca Manu  /  Cocha Otorongo  Manu Reserve Center .

Today we say goodbye to the Madre de Dios River to change for a navigation on the Manu River offering us other incredible views of a great variety of species that live in and around it, such as groups of turtles, white alligators, capybaras, jaguars Panthera onca) resting on a trunk and observing its territory. Arriving in the afternoon to our camp in Otorongo. Later our tour guide takes us to Otorongo Oxbow Lake where an observation tower is placed that allows us to see the giant otters that live there. During that time, the Guide teaches us functions and secrets of the jungle. After that, we return night Safary Camping Showers and toilets available night walk in the Manu National Park

Amazon Travel Day 4: Cocha Otorongo / Cocha Salvador  .

Today we will visit another lake called Salvador on our silent rowing boat that allows us to observe a family of playful giant river otters, These, the world’s largest freshwater carnivores, remain common only in Manu .Each animal consumes between 4 and 5 kilos of fish daily and often they can be seen eating large fish on logs at the lakeside. Observing as well as many rare bird species including a prehistoric bird called Shansho, Heron, Cormorants, Water Duck, Horned Screamer, Turtles, Taricaya, Black Alligators. The rest of the day will be spent walking the trails in the area in search of some of the 13 species of Monkey as Black Spider Mokey , Red Howler Monkey Night Monkey ,Dusky Titi Monkey ,Saddleback Tamarin ,Brown Capuchin Monkey and some mammals found here , Giant Anteater ,South American Coati ,Two Toed Sloth ,Deer a group of peccaries , found in the forest here our guide will explain some of the basics of rainforest ecosystems and point out some of the medicinal hight plants of the area used by local, indigenous groups. You can be sure that the animals here in the wild Manu Amazon have never suffered from hunting by people! In the afternoon, we return to our Lodge in Otorongo. .

Showers and toilets available in Manu Nationa Reserve Center .

Amazon Travel Day 5: Manu  Cocha  Otorongo to Boca Manu Lodge .

The call of the red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) will wake us up. Unfortunately we need to start our return on the Manu River, and one will be able to understand why Manu is so famous for its wildlife. At the edges of the river you will see groups of turtles, white alligators (Caiman cocodrylus), capybaras (Hydrochaeris) and perhaps a Jaguar (Panthera Onca) resting on a trunk and observing its territory. Past the Nigth in Lodge with Showers and toilets available. Today the call of the red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) will wake us up for take our breakfast. After that, we ll start to explore the primary forest very slowly where-where we will have the opportunity to see and know many such as, Monkeys, Mammals, Insect, Giant Trees, Ayahuasca Plants, Chestnut Trees, Seeds, Edible and Inedible Fruits Native and healing plants that native people use to heal themselves when they are sick. A visit to the lake of Cocha Otorongo is planned, where observation piers and a 20-meter observation tower in the rainforest canopy overlooking the lake are available for observing wildlife. We will also be on the lookout for a large family of Giant Otters that inhabit this lake Our guide will teach you about the flora and fauna of the Manu reserve . After that, we return night our lodge . Showers and toilets available night walk in the Manu National Park .

Amazon Travel Day 6:  Boca Manu Lodge to Manu Rainforest Lodge .

Today again call of the red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) will wake us up. Unfortunately, we need to start our return on the Manu River, and one will be able to understand why Manu is so famous for its wildlife. At the edges of the river you will see groups of turtles, white alligators (Caiman cocodrylus), capybaras (Hydrochaeris) and perhaps a Jaguar (Panthera Onca) resting on a trunk and observing its territory . macaws-clay-parrots-manu-national-park-wildlife-peru In the afternoon we will arrive at the Rainforest Manu lodge where we will settle in our respective rooms afterwards we will have a walk around our Lodge.

after dinner, we will have a night activity Past the Nigth in Lodge with Showers and toilets available.

Amazon Travel Day 7: Manu  Rainforest Lodge /Atalaya Port to Cusco .

We woke up very early today to go see the Loro collpa in our outboard boat which is located 10 minutes from our lodge . Where we will have breakfast on the last day of the trip, then we will pack things to take the boat and start navigating through the Madre de Dios high river towards the Atalaya port. Where Our private vehicle awaits us back to the City of Cusco Approximately we will arrive to the city of Cusco from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. –



Fin de los servicios turisticos con



  • All terrestrial and fluvial transport
  • Team of security .
  • A Naturalist Guide to Manu.
  • A professional chef for travel Amazon Wildlife.
  • Meals: 6 Breakfast 7 Lunch 6 Dinners (Note: vegetarian option at no additional cost);
  • Lodge accommodation
  • All camping equipment.(optional)
  • Communication radio
  • Lodge accommodation
  • All camping equipment.(optional)
  • Tent, sleeping bag and mats
  • Mineral water.
  • First aid kit.
  • Snack.
  • Chef.
  • Entrance to hot spring, and machuhuasi lake.
  • Entrance to the Manu National Park.
  • Communication radio.
  • Rubber boots.


  • Travel insurance from Amazon Wildlife;
  • vaccination for the trip to Amazon Wildlife;
  • Breakfast of the first day and the last dinner
  • Drinks;


  • Mosquito repellent (35% recommended).
  • Original passport for Travel Amazon Wildlife.
  • Small backpack for travel.
  • Long-sleeved cotton shirts in green (preferably).
  • Cotton long pants.
  • Long cotton socks (that you put on your pants).
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sandals Light Shoes.
  • Rain gear (rain poncho).
  • Swimwear .
  • Binoculars (Binoculars).
  • Camera with extra batteries.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Plastic bags for clothes and Camera.
  • A hat as protection against sun or rain.
  • Small towel .
  • Toilet paper .
  • Sunscreen .
  • Sunglasses .
  • Flashlight (Spare and Batteries).
  • One bottle of water (1 liter minimum).
  • Money in (soles) to buy drinks.
  • Dark clothes.


Note: The passenger must carry a maximum of 10 kilos of luggage.


Frequently asked questions


How to get to Manu Peru National Park .

To get to the Manu National Park we have to take a flight from Lima (CAPITAL) to the city of Cusco or Via Terrestre from Lima or any point where you are heading to the city of CUZCO, the manu reserve is located 130 kilometers from Cusco to get there travel by road through the Andes, Puno and the cloud forest and then we will be at the door of the Manu National Park.
Place where we will embark on a motorized boat on the Madre de Dios River to continue the trip to the reserved area of ​​the Manu National Manu depending on which you chose the tour.

Manu National Park when to visit .

Manu National Park is well known for its rich biodiversity, especially for its hundreds of species of birds, such as macaws, mammals. Manu Park is very dense Amazon rainforest, which is home to jaguars, black caimans and spider monkeys. river otters.

best time to visit the Amazon rainforest starts from April / November, they are dry seasons (dry). The low season is from January / March they are very rainy, access via land / road becomes more difficult when the forest trails can be flooded.

What is the difference between the cultural zone and the reserved zone .

The Manu National Park Zone is divided into three parts: as the cultural zone / buffer zone / reserved zone or core zone / intangible zone.
The cultural zone and the reserved zone are for tourist use to observe the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon. The intangible zone is especially for scientific studies of endemic / endangered species, special permits are needed.

Do I need to be in good physical condition to travel .

It is a good question It is not a requirement, on the tour you will go through a flat path and trails to fully enjoy what the flora and fauna of the Manu reserve offers.

Do vaccines are vaccines needed for yellow fever, malaria, and malaria .

In the Manu National Park there are no reports of cases of yellow fever or malaria, however if you want to stay longer in tropical places it is better to consult with your doctor before making the decision to visit the Peruvian Amazon.

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Amazon Travel – Manu 7 days

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The Manu and Alto Purús rivers, in the southeast of Peru, are separated by an extensive Amazon rainforest areaamazon travel , covered by well-preserved vegetation of habitats amazon travel quite varied, where some of the highest diversity indices are reported of terrestrial  travel amazon and arboreal mammals in the Amazon (Voss and Emmons 1996) travel amazon . Two contiguous protected areas cover a large part of the extension between the two rivers: the Park amazon travel .
Nacional del Manu and the Alto Purús Reserved Zone. In the northern part of the Manu travel amazon , where The Cocha Cashu Biological Station and the Pakitza surveillance post are located, the amazon travel Mammal research carried out between 1975 and 1996 has registered 79 species travel amazon  of terrestrial and arboreal mammals. In the northeast limit of the Alto Reserved Zone  amazon travel Purús and almost 200 km north of Cocha Cashu, Alfred Gardner and James Patton made a
intensive inventory in the Cashinaua community of Balta, between 1966 and 1968, in which recorded 74 species  travel amazon of land and tree mammals travel amazon  (Voss and Emmons 1996) amazon travel . This chapter presents an update of the lists of species of land mammals. and arboreal of these two localities. A comparison of the fauna of these localities is made amazon travel with those of other sites in the western Amazon, in which the importance of travel amazon maintain the connection between these two protected areas, especially for rare species amazon travel and for those whose distribution is restricted to this region of the  travel Amazon.
Methods At the Cocha Cashu Biological Station and its surroundings (up to 10 km northeast of the cocha) travel amazon , the first author and nine field assistants conducted research on the amazon travel mammals between 2000 and 2002, for a total of 230 days of field work. How amazon travel reference for this area, the published list of Cocha Cashu   travel amazon and Pakitza mammals was used in Voss and Emmons (1996). Additionally, the second author and 15 field assistants captured terrestrial and arboreal mammals in all major Cocha habitats amazon travel
Cashu and its surroundings, including floodplain and dry land forests, aguajales,
and a natural grassland (“El Pantanal”) for about 20 months between 1997 and 2001. During that travel amazon Period, 1,943 individuals were captured. In the Alto Purús region, the first author and two field assistants carried out travel amazon Mammal research between June and November 2002 (total 84 days field work). Field work in the Alto Purús region was carried out in various localities between Tres Bolas and Caobal on the Alto Purús river amazon travel , and even the community of Colombian in the Curanja river (Figure 2.1). The list was used as a reference base of mammals from Balta made by Gardner and Patton between 1966 and 1968 and published by Voss and Emmons (1996) travel amazon .
In both locations direct and indirect methods were used to record the mammals. Direct methods consist of sightings amazon travel , trapping, sound recordings and photos. Indirect methods consist of identifying tracks, bones, roosts and hairs, and the search for other indications of mammals in the native houses. Only confirmed species were considered to be those that were registered amazon travel  directly or indirectly. Data obtained through surveys in the travel amazon Communities were considered as unconfirmed records. In addition to the work of field amazon travel , several other recent studies by biologists in the two areas have been reviewed (Tovar et al. 1998, Rengifo Hidalgo 2000, Lozada in Wagner and Jon Llap 2001, Velazco in Shoobridge 2002b, M. Lleellish et al. unpublished manuscript, Schulte-Herbrüggen and Rossiter 2003). The second author, with collection permission for identification and verification travel amazon of species, had the support of James Patton of the University of Berkeley for the travel amazon identification of the collected specimens (vouchers). All vouchers will be deposited amazon travel at the Natural History Museum of the National University of San Marcos.
Results and Discussion
As a result of the field work carried out since 1997, they were registered eight additional species for the Cocha Cashu and Pakitza mammal list amazon travel  and
six additional species in the Alto Purús region. Oryzomys capito, registered in the two areas by Voss and Emmons (1996), was removed from the two lists, due to the recent review of the group in which the species is considered a synonym for O. megacephalus and O. perenensis.

Comparing these new data with the results of other mammal inventories in the western Amazon travel , Cocha Cashu and Pakitza continue to have the highest number of species recorded to date in the entire travel Amazon basin . The eight species that were recently registered for Cocha Cashu and Pakitza are the wild dog (Speothos venaticus) amazon travel , the weasel (Mustela cf. africana), the water mouse (Chironectes minimus), the white-bearded pike (Saguinus mystax) travel amazon and four species of mice (Holochilus sciureus, Oryzomys perenensis, O. yunganus and Oecomys trinitatis). The six species recently registered for the Alto Purús region are primates Callimico goeldii (Rengifo Hidalgo 2000), Saguinus mystax (R. Leite Pitman, pers. Obs.) travel amazon , Cebuella pygmaea and Saguinus fuscicollis (Velazco in Shoobridge 2002b), the carnivore Mustela cf. africana (R. Leite Pitman, pers. obs.) and the gray deer, Mazama gouazoubira travel amazon  (Schulte-Herbrüggen and Rossiter 2003). Below are details of each of these new registrations. Additions representing direct or indirect authors’ observations are discussed first, and then additions recorded by other researchers are described amazon travel . New species recorded through personal observations. Wild dog (Speothos venaticus) Despite being distributed over a large area, the wild  amazon dog is a rare animal in all the localities studied to date. The presence of this mammal had not been confirmed for Cocha Cashu and Pakitza until recent years, but in the Alto Purús region the species was already registered in the 1960s travel amazon . The first author found traces of this species () on two occasions in the surroundings of the Cocha Cashu Biological Station amazon travel : once on the northern edge of the Manu Park, on the banks of the Playa Bonita creek, and on another occasion in the extreme northeast of the Cocha Cashu trail system, near the Cocha Totora travel amazon . On both occasions the footprints were of a solitary animal and not of a group. Apart from these indirect evidences, an individual of the species amazon travel  was observed in 2001 by Gabriela Núñez, a biologist who has worked for many years in Cocha Cashu manu travel am,azon . She sighted the dog one morning on a trail near Cocha Cashu. Additionally, S. venaticus is an animal well known to the indigenous people of the northern Manu National Park, who perfectly imitate its vocalization. Weasel (Mustela cf. africana) The weasel is the smallest carnivore and one of the rarest in the Amazon. Its distribution is restricted to the western part of the Amazon travel basin , although there are Weasel (Mustela cf. africana) amazon travel . The weasel is the smallest carnivore and one of the rarest in the Amazon. Its distribution is restricted to the western part of the Amazon travel  basin, although there are scattered records throughout the travel Amazon. New records of this species are presented below, both for the Manu National Park travel amazon  and for the Alto Purús region. In June 2002, at seven in the morning, the first author and three companions observed an individual in the Alto Purús river, between the communities of Sapote and San Marcos (9 ° 51’32.5 ”S, 70 ° 52’19.8” OR) amazon travel . The observed animal was swimming on the river bank when our boat passed about 3m away from it, got scared and went up into the ravine. The shape and size of the animal were typical of Mustela, although it was not possible to visualize the coloration of the ventral surface characteristic that differentiates two species amazon travel  of the genus. Since a specimen for accurate identification was not obtained, confusion between M. africana and M. frenata is possible. However, Emmons and Feer (1999) indicate that M. frenata does not inhabit Amazon rain forests like those in the Alto Purús region travel amazon . Few local residents know the animal we saw. In the surroundings of the Cocha Cashu Biological Station travel amazon  I found traces of Mustela cf. Africana northeast of the biological station in the locality known as El Pantanal Water mouse (Chironectes minimus) The water mouse is a widely distributed animal but little known, perhaps for its cryptic habits. The presence of this species in Cocha Cashu was reported by Terborgh et al. (1984), but inconsiderate by Voss and Emmons (1996), since no other observation of the species was made in that space of time. Through the identification of its fairly characteristic footprints in wet mud near a stream, the first author reconfirmed the presence of this species in Cocha Cashu. White-bearded Pike (Saguinus mystax) In July 2001, at two o’clock in the afternoon, the first author observed four animals in a floodable forest on the banks of the Playa Bonita gorge, located almost on the edge of the Manu National Park with the Alto Purús Reserved Zone amazon travel . He saw them very closely (about 2m away) and only once. In this area of the Manu National  amazon  travel Park, you can see groups of the pike, Saguinus fuscicollis, almost every day. When you saw these White-bearded Pike (Saguinus mystax) In July 2001, at two in the afternoon, the first author observed four animals in a floodplain forest on the banks of the Playa Bonita gorge, located almost on the edge of the Manu National Park with the Alto Purús Reserved Zone. He saw them very closely about 2m away) and only once. In this area of the Manu National Park travel amazon , you can see groups of the pico, Saguinus fuscicollis, almost every day. When you saw these Four individuals, at first thought it was S. fuscicollis. But how were they close and you could watch and listen to their vocalizations well for about two minutes from a hammock, he perceived that they were different. What caught his attention the most is that they they had dark butts and were considerably larger than the animals that I was used to seeing every day. This was an unexpected observation. Limits The southern parts of the S. mystax distribution in Peru are poorly known, the only known record in the south of the country the town of Lagarto, on the right bank of the river Ucayali, at 10 ° 41 ’S, 73 ° 48’ W (Soini and Soini 1982). With the new registration at the edges of the Manu National Park amazon travel  with the Alto Purús Reserved Zone, this becomes the
southern limit for the species manu   travel amazon .
Wild rats (Holochilus sciureus, Oryzomys perenensis, O. yunganus and Oecomys trinitatis) These four species were captured by the second author in Cocha Cashu during his doctoral studies (Beck 2002)travel amazon . Holochilus sciureus, although common and abundant in its wide distribution area had never been collected or reported in Cocha Cashu manu amazon travel , which now becomes the western limit for its distribution. Holochilus sciureus was trapped on the edge of the Cocha Cashu. The ecology of this semi-aquatic species is linked to permanently or seasonally flooded habitats (Eisenberg and Redford 1999) travel amazon . The only other habitat where this species was found in Cocha Cashu was in the natural grassland known as El Pantanal, located northeast of the lake, where the species is abundant travel amazon . The genus Oryzomys has about 36 reported species (Emmons and Feer 1999) and these two Species amazon travel  have never been reported for Cocha Cashu. Both Oryzomys perenensis and O.
Yunganus were found in the floodplain forests of Cocha Cashu. These species are
terrestrial and mainly nocturnal. In contrast, Oecomys trinitatis is a tree species that
It occurs in both floodplain forests and dry land. Since the amount of fruits available is higher in the canopy of the gapsamazon travel  (treefall gaps; e.g., Levey 1990), and in the gaps the vegetation is more complex and has more levels than the understory, it is no surprise
that Oecomys species were more abundant and more diverse in the gaps (Beck 2002).

Pichicos (Cebuella pygmaea and Saguinus fuscicollis) The presence of these two species was expected in the Alto Purús region, but some reason were not collected or observed during the extensive field work made by Gardner and Patton during the sixties in the Balta community (Voss and Emmons 1996). During the work of the Amazon Development Association Rural (ADAR) in the Alto Purús region, during 2001, the third author recorded C. pygmaea near the community of Laureano on the Alto Purús river and S. fuscicollis near the community of San José, located in the La Novia ravine (Velazco in Shoobridge 2002b) amazon travel .
New species recorded by other researchers Pichico (Callimico goeldii) This is a very rare species with a restricted distribution range to the western Amazon, where it seems to have a preference for certain habitats such as pacales. His presence has been known in Cocha Cashu for many years travel amazon  . The first author has observed them in pacales located in floodplain forest, 6 km north of the Cocha Cashu Biological Station, almost in the currency of the Manu National Park with the Alto Purús Reserved Zone. It is notable that the species amazon travel had previously only been recorded in the highlands (Emmons and Feer 1999). Its presence in the Alto Purús region was doubtful until recently. In 1999, a living adult was found and photographed in a house in Puerto Esperanza by Alicia RengifoRengifo Hidalgo 2000). The people who captured him stated that the animal came from the jungle located in front of Puerto Esperanza, on the other side of the Alto Purús river. Considering the vast bamboo cover existing in the Alto Purús Reserved Zone , it is possible that the protected area contains a large population of this rare species travel amazon . The rare pike, Callimico goeldii, photographed in a house in Puerto Esperanza travel amazon . Photo: Alicia Rengifo Hidalgo. Gray or ash deer (Mazama gouazoubira) The presence of the gray deer has not been reported in the Alto Purús region until now. It is quite curious that a relatively common species in other countries seems to be less abundant in Peru (where it is on the list of threatened animals, under the Undetermined category). Schulte-Herbrüggen and Rossiter (2003), in their inventories of mammals in the southern part of the Alto Purús Reserved Zone, report that the species is quite common there, as well as the red deer (Mazama americana).
Observations on other rare species During the field work in Cocha Cashu and Alto Purús observations were made on species that were already confirmed for the two areas, but which are reported as quite rare. These species are the short-eared dog (Atelocynus microtis), the raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus), the ferret (Galictis vittata) and the giant carachupa (Priodontes maximus). Details about the river wolf (Pteronura brasiliensis), which is quite rare in the Alto Purús. Short-eared dog (Atelocynus microtis) The short-eared dog can be considered one of the rarest carnivores from all over the Amazon travel . Since the species was described in the late 19th century, almost nothing has been published about the ecology of the species. In the 1960s, the biologists amazon travel  who collected mammals in the Peruvian Amazon reported that the species was relatively common. From the year 1970 the species practically disappeared from the region, probably due to illness, and then reappeared in 1990 Since 2000 the first author and other biologists have studied five different individuals at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station. In 2002, they observed three different individuals in the Alto Purús region travel amazon  .

Although there is still insufficient data for a population estimate, the abundance of
this species appears to be relatively high in these two areas compared to the rest of
its geographical range. Through its footprints, it has been possible to identify some types of habitat used by the species and estimate the number of individuals in a certain area. I also know managed to obtain data on diet, interactions with other fauna species travel amazon , activities circadian and breeding period (Leite Pitman and Williams, forthcoming). Both in Cocha Cashu and in the Alto Purús region, traces of Atelocynus microtis were frequently found near small ravines where the pioneering vegetation and also in the floodplain forest along the largest rivers. Based on analysis of 30 stool samples and visualizations, dogs were observed to they fed mostly on fish, but they also ate fruits, small mammals, toads and invertebrates. Dogs were observed at one of the sites using the same latrines than the otter, Lontra longicaudis. It was also observed that the species uses as hollow burrows made by the majaz, Agouti paca.
The presence of A. microtis has been recorded not only by biologists but also by
local residents in various communities of the Alto Purús amazon travel  (Balta, Colombiana and Nueva Luz on the Curanja river; Pankerensi, Gastabala, Santa Margarita, Laureano and Monterrey on the river Alto Purús). Between 1963 and 1971, Gardner and Patton captured several individuals of A. microtis in Balta. Recently, in August 2002, in collaboration with residents premises, the first author and her team captured and for the first time equipped with a radio transmitter to a short-eared dog in the vicinity of the Mapalfa community . Two weeks after his capture, the dog died at the hands of a local hunter.Raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus) travel amazon .
The raccoon is an animal with a fairly extensive distribution, being abundant in large
part of it. But apparently it is a rare species in the entire western Amazon travel . By
over 30 years the species was considered quite rare in Cocha Cashu. In 2000, the first
year of work of the first author in Cocha Cashu, no evidence was found of the species, while the following year traces were observed at two sites and it was obtained a photo of two individuals with an automatic camera. Interestingly, in 2002, traces
of the species could be found at various sites in Cocha Cashu, and another photo of two
individuals was taken. Perhaps the population fluctuation of this species is
related to a contagious ferret disease (Galictis vittata) Two observations were made of a solitary individual north of Cocha Cashu. In both encounters, the animal
I was quickly crossing a trail around three in the afternoon. Footprints were found at three different sites and an individual of Galictis vittata was found dead in a hole near a tree. An autopsy was performed that did not indicate the cause of the animal, but it was determined that it was a male weighing 6 kg. Whereas the Cocha Cashu  amazon  travel weight. Known for the species varies between 1.5 and 2 kg (Emmons and Feer 1999), this finding becomes quite interesting because it perhaps indicates a greater variation in weight than expected or a new form. His stomach was empty and there were parasites (nematodes) in his stomach and intestines.
In the Alto Purús region, the species amazon travel  was photographed with automatic cameras near the Pankerensi community. Giant Carachupa (Priodontes maximus) Three burrows of this species were found in Cocha Cashu and many traces near them. On one occasion it was possible to follow the tracks of an individual for more than 1 km along a muddy trail. The species has been photographed by automatic cameras at four different sites (Figure 12.10). Although the species is well known to local inhabitants in the Alto Purús region, vestiges of the species were found near the communities, probably due to its prized meat.

Species of special interest for conservation In addition to having a very rich fauna of terrestrial and arboreal mammals, the area between the Manu National Park and the Alto Purús Reserved Zone amazon travel also shelters a large number of threatened species of mammals globally. Twenty-three species present in Cocha Cashu and Pakitza  amazon travel and 21 in the Alto Purús region are on the 2002 IUCN Red List . So far, none of the threatened mammal species in the area are classified as Extinct (EX), Extinct in the Wild (EW) or Critically Endangered (CR). However, five species and Neusticomys peruviensis – are under the Endangered (EN) category, which means they are at very high risk of extinction in the wild. The river wolf (Pteronura brasiliensis, Figure 12.11) is an animal that is now found in the Alto Purús region. In some communities, the Curanja River is totally unknown to the inhabitants . Giant Carachupas (Priodontmaximus) travel amazon  are hunted for their meat and quickly disappear close to communities; Their shells are used as ornaments and for making musical instruments. Anteaters (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) are not highly valued species for their meat, but they are occasionally hunted. Neusticomys peruviensis, which has a distribution range restricted to the Alto Purús and Manu region, is known to fewer than five specimens. Caluromysiops irrupta, Callimico goeldii, Tapirus terrestris, Speothos venaticus and Glironia venusta are under the Vulnerable (VU) category, meaning they run a high risk of extinction in the wild. Caluromysiops irrupta, Callimico goeldii and Glironia venusta have very restricted ranges. The proper conservation of extensive pacales between the Alto Purús and Manu rivers, habitat of the pichico (Callimico goeldiies fundamental for the survival of the species. Although the range of distribution of sachavaca (Tapirus terrestris) is quite large, it turns out to be a species appreciated by the hunters and is therefore under serious threat. The mount dog (Speothos venaticus), although it also has a fairly extensive distribution, seems to live in low densities everywhere amazon travel .

The large carnivores Panthera onca and Puma concolor, as they are not found in a
situation as critical as other threatened and vulnerable species, have been classified by
IUCN as Near Threatened or NT (Near Threatened). Bassaricyon gabbii, Caluromys lanatus, Chironectes minimus, Gracilinanus agilis and Marmosops parvidens were considered species of least concern or LC (Least Concern), since they are not in any of the categories described above. Even if rare, they have relatively wide ranges of distribution. American mazama, M. gouazoubira, Atelocynus microtis, Lontra longicaudis, Mustela cf. africana and Choloepus cf. hoffmanni have not been studied enough to determine some degree of threat and they are in the Insufficient Data category (DD). They could be classified into some threat category if future studies
determine that they deserve i travel amazon t. Expected records Caluromysiops irrupta, Glironia venusta, Monodelphis brevicaudata, Rhipidomys couesi and Microsciurus flaviventer, confirmed for Cocha Cashu, are also expected for Alto Purús region, according to Voss and Emmons (1996). It is also possible that Holochilus sciureus, Oryzomys perenensis, O. yunganus and Oxymycterus sp. live there, since they do not there is no barrier between the two areas and that the distribution limits of these species they are little known. Other species expected for the Alto Purús region are Marmosa. Conclusions
This work presents an increase of 10% in the number of species found at the Cocha Cashu Biological Station amazon travel , a site where mammal fauna has been widely studied for almost 30 years. This is due to at least two factors travel amazon . First, this study intensively explored habitats around Cocha Cashu that had been little studied before. Second, some species are cryptic and subject to population fluctuations, such as those documented in the dog short-eared (Atelocynus microtis) and raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus), making it difficult your records. The immense expanse of low Amazon rainforest between the Alto Purús and amazon travel  Manu rivers shelters at least 92 species of land and tree mammals (Appendix 5). Although more Studies on the distribution of these species are necessary to affirm that all of them live in sympathy, apart from the rivers, there is no geographical barrier that separates these two areas. Ten of these species face a very high risk of extinction . Of these, four (Caluromysiops irrupta, Callimico goeldii, Glironia venusta and Neusticomys peruviensis) are unique to a small region of the western Amazon, and the region between the Alto Purús and Manu rivers it is, without a doubt, their last great refuge. The strict protection of this area is also essential for species that require large areas travel amazon  to survive and reproduce, as is the case with otorongos and others large carnivores that are considered umbrella species, because if they also protect them all other species located below them in the pyramid will be protected food. The strict conservation of the Alto Purús Reserved Zone travel amazon  is recommended, sinceb will create an immense corridor of protected areas and promote the union of at least two large areas of strict protection – the Manu National Park travel amazon  (1.7 million ha) and the Rio Chandless Biological Reserve (almost one million ha) in Brazil. It represents one of the best opportunities for large-scale conservation, and a opportunity for the establishment of binational reserves between amazon travel Peru and Brazil.

The Medicine of the Soul Amazon Wild  .

Ayahuasca Amazon  as a natural and ancestral means of contact with the sacred is an invaluable legacy of an Amazonian culture on the verge of extinction. It is our duty to rescue it and introduce it to western society as a viable alternative to cure psychosomatic ills, drug addictions and as general therapy to connect with our «inner teacher» Amazon .

Six years ago I had my first experience with Ayahuasca in the city of Lima, far from the tranquility of the jungle. This encounter with the sacred concoction of the Amazon Indians changed my life, marked a milestone in my own history travel amazon . There is a before and an after. Now, years later, the transforming and healing power that comes with using it never ceases to amaze me.
I belong to the group of those who believe that this ancient medicine amazon travel , eventually used within a suitable context, can help to avoid in our fast-paced society, a whole series of illnesses of psychosomatic origin, the result of frustrations, pains and blockages generated in an unavoidably spirit travel amazon . vulnerable. These loads have a more solid manifestation at the body leve amazon travel .
The Ayahuasca, allows us to carry out a cleansing on the physical level of these bodily-lodged feelings and at the psychic level allows the body and the spirit to perform a cleansing all body  amazon , change life habits, understand the meaning of our actions and the true motives hidden behind reason.
This work is the result of several years of self-experimentation, in some months very intense, traveling through different communities, getting to know and taking ayahuasca with ancient healers, learning, understanding its internal management and above all, respecting its spiritual connection with that world amazon . mystical that opens every session night amazon travel .
In 1999 we started a Research project called Ayahuasca-Wasi, conducting Personal Evolution Seminars based on the ritual Ayahuasca ceremony, which reflect surprising results as one of the most promising alternative therapies in the field of Transpersonal Psychology – travel amazon .
Ayahuasca is a medicine, it is seen and felt in this way by thousands of communities that have been able to experience its benefits. In our contemporary society, we are constantly subjected to tensions, frustrations, trauma, pain, and work pressure, in such a constant way that we can no longer remember another way of feeling – travel amazon .
Ayahuasca allows us to give ourselves that intense moment of reflection and to let go of that burden, it gives us the courage to see ourselves naked, defenseless and sensitive – travel amazon .
I hope you enjoy reading this book and if fate allows it, you will one day experience the initiatory encounter with the sacred vine of our ancestors amazon .

The Traditional Curanderil System – Guide Amazon Travel .
When traveling through the Amazon jungle, the territory is recognized as alive, full of flora and fauna, from large animals to millions of insects in constant vibration in a fairly humid climate – amazon travel . One feels like a breeding ground for all kinds of micro-beings in an effort to devour our body without respecting the fact that we have not yet abandoned it.
The traveler is surprised to see the eminent lack of health services, hospitals or medical posts in general – travel amazon . When a villager becomes ill, their first option is to go to traditional indigenous medicine. There are a number of bonesetters, sobadores, purgueros, herbalists, midwives, healers and expert teachers in the use of traditional medicine, who have the advantages of using the herbal wealth that surrounds them, the low cost of their services and the effectiveness empirical of its treatments – amazon travel .
Only when the possibilities offered by their indigenous healing system are exhausted, do they go to the nearest doctor or health center. This clearly means that «traditional medicine has been and is still the first operational health system in the Peruvian jungle amazon – travel .»

The curanderil system was created thanks to the intimacy achieved with the jungle environment. The man in the Amazon travel – was forced to establish close communion with the natural amazon  environment in order to survive. Within his vision, plants are not only an important source of food, but also a basis for healing and a source of wisdom.
According to the indigenous worldview amazon , there is a world populated by living beings, generally invisible under normal conditions – amazon travel , with which one can have exchanges and relationships that favor the health and protection of the individual and their community amazon .
We must be clear that for the indigenous, the concept of health not only encompasses the health of the physical body but implies harmony with the environment, that is, having good health also implies being lucky, keeping the home well, performance, etc travel amazon . Thus, the curanderil system encompasses not only the cure of diseases, but goes much further, seeking protection for a business, improving fishing and hunting, agricultural production amazon , being lucky, fortune telling, seducing the couple through potions or «Pusangas», being protected with «arcana» and of course, on the other side we find the dreaded practices of witchcraft with which one seeks to do «virote» damage to an enemy.
The indigenous worldview conceives a totally animated and meaningful universe, beyond what we visually capture – travel amazon . Everything is alive, everything has spirit. A stone has life, vibrates and feels. Plants have a «mother» spirit as a whole that animates them, just like hills and «cochas»; just like phenomena, lightning and rain – amazon .
All the elements are linked and in intimate relationship. They are all part of a dynamic reality that can be accessed through certain mechanisms developed over centuries of knowledge that allow us to «speak» with their spirits of the amazon . An object maintains a certain energy depending on who and what it was used for and can be «charged» with an energy for a certain purpose – travel amazon .
Western medicine based on an «objective» scientific approach cannot incorporate or understand the dialogue between man and plants amazon . However, this has been the unanimous response reported as the source of medical knowledge by all healers in all ethnic groups and Amazon communities –  amazon .
The tribes of the Amazon managed to establish access to the «memory of plants» in order to learn directly from them about their medicinal properties and how they should be used.
In this way they manage to avoid the lengthy trial and error procedure, accessing directly the wisdom of the plants they call «master plants amazon «.
As an example take the case of the «curare». If a native shoots a dart at a monkey in the high branches of a tree, before dying it will wind its tail on a branch and die on top, without falling to the ground – amazon travel . The indigenous people use darts poisoned with curare for their hunting. The curare relaxes and paralyzes the muscles of the animal which falls to the ground amazon .
To make the curare you have to combine several plants and cook them in water for 72 hours, avoiding breathing the perfumed vapors, which are deadly. The product of this cooking is a concentrated paste that is activated only subcutaneously: if it is ingested or spreads on the skin, its effects are benign. It is difficult to understand how anyone could have found such a complicated recipe by experimenting randomly, especially considering that there are more than 80,000 plant species in the Amazon.
The Initiatic Path- Amazon . The representative of this man-nature communion is recognized as a healer, shaman, ayahuasquero teacher amazon , purguero and revered as an «Onaya» that means «man of knowledge» amazon travel .
This special person is not only the representative of health within his community but concentrates the entire religious and mythical aspect, placing himself as an intermediary between man and the sacred spirits of nature, interpreting his wishes, acting as a negotiator and intermediary with the entities or forces attacked or offended, negotiating with them, guiding the destinies of the community amazon . Likewise, its function includes the role of initiator, guiding the initiation rites from youth to adults or guiding the spirit of those who die to the other world – travel amazon .
The path to becoming a healer is quite difficult and complex. Sometimes one chooses to go through it and sometimes fate pushes the candidate to convert many times against his will.
There are four basic ways to enter the initiatory path amazon travel :
In the first form of initiation we observe that within the indigenous community it is common that from an early age, someone shows that they have certain innate gifts or special capacities to deal with the «other world» amazon . The community shaman usually detects these skills in the young man and invites him to become his apprentice – amazon travel .
The second way is adopted by family inheritance. The curandero’s son, nephew or grandson is traditionally invited to follow the initiatory path amazon .
The third route of initiation is the most common in the entire Amazon. Within an intensive healing process using plants and strict diets because of a serious illness, the patient – who normally goes through a strong process that almost leads to death – amazon travel  – is visited by the plant spirits during dreams or visions, who invite him to follow the initiatory path and serve his community amazon  . This is a very intense process where the patient goes through a battle close to madness  – amazon travel .
The fourth way of initiation is a new category resulting from contact with western civilization where western «seekers» travel in search of indigenous teachers to be initiated in the process of connection with nature and the spiritual world. It is common to see psychologists and anthropologists seeking to enter new fields where academic training still meets a border limited by rational knowledge amazon live  – amazon travel .
The basis for the development of plant knowledge is submission to what healers call «dieting.» This is the initiatory path that healers and apprentices undertake which through rigorous diets manage to establish communication with the plant spirits and thus access their curanderile knowledge in the amazon . In dreams, the «mothers» of the plants present themselves to teach the medicine man who is feeding them, they teach him the icaros who invoke their spirits and various healing combinations, how to prepare and take them to cure different ills amazon travel .
During these dreams, induced by strict diet and the «master plants», the healer manages to communicate with the energies, spirits or geniuses that animate nature. It is then the plants  of the amazon or rather the «spirit» or «mother» of the plants that teaches the initiate directly by establishing an understandable language with nature manifested during dreams and visions  -amazon travel .
“ amazon travel – The plant teaches you if you become attached to it. You have to love her and maybe she will love you too. So when you are going to take it, when it is in your body, its «mother» will talk to you. Don’t be afraid. Their geniuses will come to you and they will talk to you, just like I speak to you – travel amazon . »
For Shipibos, psychotropic plants are known as «murayacai», which means «shaman-makers». According to them, these plants reveal to us the «true» world, while the «normal» world is considered illusory – amazon .
The initiatory path  amazon travel involves building a bridge to the transpersonal, managing to cross ordinary states of consciousness and experiencing other dimensions in which the limits of communication, time and space dissolve, pushing us to rethink the laws with which we intend to manage our lives – travel amazon  .

The diet Ayahuasca – Aamazon travel . Diet is one of the most difficult concepts to understand and practice within the initiatory world of the Amazonian peoples amazon , but it is also the main axis on which the traditional scheme of initiatory learning is built – amazon .
To become a healer or a man of knowledge, diet is the first great test that the beginner must pass to see if he is able to continue on that path and handle very subtle and dangerous energies.
Diet involves much more than abstaining from consuming certain substances or not doing certain activities on the physical plane. It is a state of purification, of withdrawal, of reflection, of meditation, of commitment, of respect, of connection with everything that surrounds us, and when we say everything we say EVERYTHING.
Not only is it limited or contained in the physical plane, but on the contrary, its main activity and means through which knowledge is transferred is through dreams with this plant amazon . And it is in dreams exactly where you must be more careful not to eat or do what is wrong, because in the world of diet, dream is as real as reality – amazon travel .
It is also a wonderful mechanism that helps to become aware within the unconscious world, accepting the responsibility of taking one’s abstentions to dreams, preparing the way for «dreams of knowledge» – travel amazon .
The diets are carried out through rigorous isolation of up to three months in the jungle in the company of the shaman where the master plants and other “sticks” are ingested following a preparation that includes avoiding contact with other people, strong smells, direct exposure to fire, rain or sun and complete sexual abstinence («dieting woman»)  – amazon travel .
During the diet one should abstain from eating salt, sugar, fat, red meat, frozen drinks, chili, alcohol and from having sexual activity. Traditional food is mainly based on green parboiled plantain («inguiri»), cassava, rice and some varieties of fish and poultry – travel amazon .
When plants that have a very rigorous diet are taken, not following the diet or «breaking it», as it is commonly said, can cause the opposite effect to the benefit that is wanted and in some cases until death. So it is very important to take the plants very seriously and use them in their context and with really trained people of the amazon .
The Body as an Instrument of Healing – Amazon  .The shaman considers that the thought, the emotions and the strength of his energy and power are located in his body, in a kind of materialized and embodied consciousness. The body is the instrument through which its power is manifested by entering into harmony with other beings and immaterial spaces  in the amazon .
By preparing his body, the shaman communicates with the forces of nature and plants – amazon travel (the allies) and then uses this instrument to heal his patients by stabilizing and harmonizing the energies of their bodies – travel amazon .
During diets generally the spirits of nature and plants indicate to the aspirant the mission and the scope of their powers – travel amazon . Thus, we see healers engaged in a specific type of therapy which has been so indicated by the spirits amazon . We see shamans who are only dedicated to healing snake bites, others who are authorized to only heal children, others who only care for women and so on – amazon .
There are also many shamans in the jungle who are considered “thugs” or sorcerers, who put themselves in favor of evil spirits who manage to seduce them by giving them great power based on managing energy through of «damage», locking them in a kind of constant battles and vengeful combat.

MASTER PLANTS AMAZON .Among the plants used for initiation, those considered “master plants” stand out, which are particularly of two types. Those of a psychoactive nature, which directly induce us to modified states of consciousness by teaching through their visions, such as tomapende (Brugmancia sp.) Or Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) amazon .
The other master plants do not have psychoactive components but they manifest intensely during dreams, such as the Ushpawasha Sanango, the Chiric Sanango, – amazon travel  etc.

Amazon Master Plants – Amazon Travel .

AMAZON TRAVEL – GARLIC SACHA (MALE). Pseudocalymma Alliaceum Mansoa stendleyi. Antirheumatic, Arthritis, Analgesic For hunting (sensitivity and alert), Self awareness, security, energy, cleanliness and protection.
AMAZON TRAVEL – AYAHUASCA. Banisteriopsis caapi. Purgative (psychoactive). Transpersonal access, to see. (psychoactive).
AMAZON TRAVEL – BOBINZANA. Calliandra angustifolia. Antirheumatic, Colds, Postnatal, Tonic, Blood Purifier To stay focused on the spiritual level. For confused people.
AMAZON TRAVEL – CHACRUNA. Psychotria viridis. Color the visions. Ayahuasca additive to have visions.
AMAZON TRAVEL – CHIRIC SANANGO. Brumfelsia grandiflora. Antirheumatic, Arthritis, Take away the cold, Luck at home. It takes the cold out of the heart. Connection with the inner self. Become sensitive and thoughtful.
Chiric Sanango is a master plant of the Sanangos family, which derives from the Quechua word «chiric» which means «cold». Among the healers it is known as the master plant that “takes away the cold”, used on the physical plane to heal those cold bodies, which suffer from cold hands and feet, poor circulation and numb body. On the psychological level it is a plant that serves to cure the «cold of the heart» manifesting itself during the night in dreams of high compassionate level.
AMAZON TRAVEL – MUCURA MACHO. Petiveria sp. Relaxing, diuretic, Abortive, evil spirits, fear / memory. It teaches healing and gives protection.
AMAZON TRAVEL – TOBACCO. Nicotiana tabacum. Regulates energy, purgative, migraine, repellent. For protection and to learn how to heal. Give wisdom.
AMAZON TRAVEL – TOE (TOMAPENDE). Brugmansia suaveolens. Ulcers, abscesses, infections, tumors (psychoactive). Heal from strong things, bone diseases. To see the future and learn medicine.
AMAZON TRAVEL – UCHO SANANGO. Bonafousia undulada. Restorative master plant to acquire physical and psychic power. Confront internal fears. Open internal obstructions and conflicts.

AMAZON TRAVEL  – USHPAWASHA SANANGO. Open affective memory, family, childhood. Reconnection with the emotional level.
Ushpawasha Sanango is known among healers for being the master plant of the memory of the heart. This is manifested during the night, providing those who are dieting with memories of experiences of high affective importance which had already been forgotten – travel amazon . These are experienced with great emotional charge. Many times the subject wakes up crying during the night.

Use of Psychotropic Substances- Amazon .
The use of psychotropic substances has been recognized throughout the centuries in all ancient cultures and civilizations as the initial means of communication with the sacred, with the spiritual world without intermediaries – amazon travel .
On all continents we find vestiges of the consumption of psychotropic plants, named for their ability to generate trance, as the sacred form of communication with the particular divinity – travel amazon .
Among others we can name the consumption of the psilocybic mushroom teonanácatl by the Mexican Mazatecas, from where the famous shaman María Sabina, the fungus Amanita muscaria in Central Asia and North America, the yopo in Central America and the Orinoco, the nativity scene the mandragon and the atropa in the Mediterranean region, cannabis in ancient Persia and opium in the Far East – travel amazon .
amazon Plants currently considered toxic had a privileged status as sacred plants in many ancient cultures. Tobacco is sometimes called «meat of the Gods» in Amazonian culture and considered the quintessential master plant amazon , present in many rituals in North and South America- amazon travel . In the Amazon it is common to use tobacco by healers who give the plant juice to drink, accessing a modified state of consciousness that allows them to communicate with the mother spirit of the plant amazon -.
In Africa, Iboga is a psychotropic plant ingested as a sacrament by the Bwiti tribes of Gabon – amazon travel . Likewise, the sacred use of peyote (called Cristo Rojo) by the Huichols of Mexico and by the North American Indian in the Native American Church – travel amazon – which currently has more than 500,000 members – represent the sacrament of two ancient contemporary religions based on the use of a hallucinogenic substance – amazon .
In the Andes of South America, the coca plant is the base of the medicinal practice of the Andean culture, considered as a master plant with divinatory capacity, which constitutes the best offering («payment») to the gods and is the symbol of divine communication. (The abuse of cocaine as a stimulant drug is the direct result of the chemical manipulation of the plant ignoring its sacramentality) – travel amazon .
In the Peruvian Andes  amazon along the entire Andean mountain range extending to the north of Chile and Argentina we have traces that date back to the pre-Inca Chavín and Chimú cultures of consumption of the “wachuma” cactus known as San Pedro (“owner of the keys to heaven ”) by the Christian religion – travel amazon .
Among the master plants used in the Amazon, the most revered is Ayahuasca amazon  which is considered by more than 70 different indigenous ethnic groups from Colombia to Bolivia, Brazil and the Guianas as the source of their incredible botanical knowledge and the foundation of their medicine. Traditional amazon travel .
There are healers who are exclusively dedicated to healing their patients through the use of Ayahuasca amazon . Experts in their preparation and in the management of trance, these healers are called «ayahuasquero masters» amazon travel . They refer to Ayahuasca as «purgative» and the intake session as «purge», attributing a powerful healing effect thanks to its cleansing action – travel amazon .
We could cite more than two hundred psychotropics used in ancestral cultures, which shows, in different cultures around the planet, to be the source of their connection to the sacred world -travel amazon .

Contact with western civilization has been the determining cause for the disappearance of the traditional curanderil system – amazon travel . Today it still persists but it is extremely difficult to find among the youth new heirs of this ancient sacred connection amazon .
Young people amazon , impacted by modern advances, television and fashion, find little appreciation in the ancestral methods of their ancestors, considering them obsolete, outdated and outdated by modern medicine – travel amazon . The connection is being lost.
In addition, it must be understood that learning these healing techniques is hard and long. Dieting for months, isolation, abstinence, and deprivation are part of this hard road, which they consider difficult and painful compared to that taken by contemporary medicine in a modern world of urban life – travel amazon .
The loss of prestige of the ancient sacred connection with nature by the Catholic Church has been a determining factor in this destruction for the last 500 years amazon .On the other hand, the destruction of the forest through indiscriminate extraction or monoculture is favoring the disappearance of medicinal plant – amazon travel .
«Our civilization is not only disappearing a large number of animal species, but also entire peoples and cultures that have survived thousands of years  – travel amazon , which still preserve wonderful treasures for posterity, if we now take the necessary measures  travel amazon .»
The problem is that the old scientific paradigm placed human reason as the only source of knowledge amazon . In this way, knowledge considered magical, coming from the consumption of plants with a psychoactive nature – amazon travel , was immediately condemned since it did not fit with the dominant vision – amazon , which stated that nature should be dominated by man and seen as a source of natural resources instead of being respected and seen as a sacred source of knowledge on which we depend.
As Colombian researcher Germán Zuluaga states – travel amazon :
«… shamanism and indigenous medical systems have always been belittled or persecuted, first for being considered diabolical – amazon , and therefore dangerously effective, and now for being superstitious, irrational, unscientific, and therefore ineffective – travel amazon .»
We are therefore faced with the end of an ancestral Amazonian culture which leaves to the western seekers – amazon travel , sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and empirical scientists the rescue of their sources of knowledge – amazon . A great deal of historical, cultural and scientific prejudice must be set aside in order to examine the knowledge of shamanism and indigenous medical systems with prudence – amazon , respect and seriousness.
The particular moment that the planet lives –travel amazon , makes this time very special, very important to directly access the latest virgin sources of knowledge that is almost extinct. In some way, the fact of feeling this connection, this call, makes us all heirs and responsible to work for the continuity of this tradition, of this form of knowledge – travel amazon .

THE AYAHUASCA AMAZON . Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a jungle liana that grows throughout the Amazon basin from Colombia to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and the Guyanas. It is known and revered by all indigenous tribes as a «master plant – amazon travel » and constitutes the foundation of their traditional medicine amazon .
Ayahuasca is cooked together with the leaves of a bush called Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), giving a psychoactive concoction or drink that is ingested in an indigenous ritual ceremony of reflection and cleaning. This concoction, also called Ayahuasca, has been used by Amazon shamans for more than 5,000 years as a way to obtain the expansion of consciousness – amazon travel .
The term Ayahuasca derives from the Quechua words «aya» which means dead and «huasca» which means rope or liana – amazon . This translates as the rope of the dead or the vine of the dead, and is considered a drink used by initiates to communicate with the spirit world – travel amazon .
Throughout the entire Amazon basin it receives different names depending on the region – amazon . In Ecuador it is called «natema», in Brazil it is known as «jurema», «chá» or «daime» and in Colombia as «yagué». – travel amazon .
In the Peruvian jungle  amazon it is known as «Ayahuasca» and popularly called «purge» due to its cleansing and emetic effects – amazon travel . As Jacques Mabit, director of the Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center – Takiwasi states – travel amazon :»This preparation is commonly called the ‘purge’ because it produces controlled intoxication allowing the ‘body-mind’ to be cleaned – travel amazon .
Traditional and Contemporary Use Amazon .The Ayahuasca and its ritual context extend throughout practically the entire Amazon basin; even extremely distant tribes manifest a deep knowledge of the use of Ayahuasca – amazon travel .
This concoction is considered as the foundation of the magical-spiritual connection of more than 75 ethnic groups from the Upper and Lower Amazon.
It is consumed among others, to diagnose, cure diseases and dysfunctions in general, to make important decisions, to ask the divinities for advice, to resolve personal conflicts – between families and between tribes -, to communicate with the spirits of nature, to exercise their divinatory capacities and to elucidate mysteries, robberies, disappearances, to know if we have enemies, to know the infidelity of the spouse, to reinforce sexual activity, etc travel amazon .
It is also used negatively as a means of doing damage or illness to an enemy, directing spells and negative energies – «bolts» – during ecstatic trance – amazon travel .
The Ayahuasca  amazon brew constitutes the key to empirical knowledge of all the traditional medical knowledge of the Amazon, which is used mainly for therapeutic and ritual purposes – amazon travel .
Ayahuasca amazon  has taken effect in the contemporary world through its use as a sacrament within some religions around the planet established under a system of mystical spirituality – travel amazon , based on the immediate experience of the numinous, leaving aside typical dogmatism and acts of faith of the old religions – amazon travel .
The Santo Daime, which means “to give sanctity”, is a religion originating in Brazil as a result of the combination between the Christian religion and the practices of Amazonian Shamanism, which uses Ayahuasca amazon , which they call “daime”, as its sacrament. Santo Daime currently has more than 20,000 followers called daimistas and maintains centers in the States United, Spain, England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Japan among others – travel amazon .
There are currently 22 recognized religious groups that use Ayahuasca as a sacrament within their religion amazon . It is considered sacred, like the blood and spirit of Christ. Among the main ones are Santo Daime, Uniao do Vegetal and A Barquiña – travel amazon .
«Ayahuasca has not been included in any list of prohibited substances for the sake of its religious use (thanks to the fact that it does not generate any type of dependency or toxicity), with which the Ayahuasca religions, like the Peyote churches, they are in a certain way at the head of the world movement for the liberalization of the consumption of psychotropic substances ” travel amazon .
Chemical explanation – Amazon .There are a variety of ways to prepare the Ayahuasca  amazon concoction depending on the geographical area amazon . The quantities to be used, the containers, the way to preserve the liana between its harvest and its cooking, the intensity and duration of the cooking, the additional additions to the potion, as well as the way of preserving the concoction vary – travel amazon .
Its preparation basically consists of cooking for more than ten hours the combination of two plants: the stem of a liana called Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) with the leaves of a shrub called Chacruna (Psychotria viridis) – amazon travel .
During the cooking process, a plethora of chemical compounds from both plants are infused. The Ayahuasca plant amazon  contributes mainly with three alkaloids generally known as Bcarbolines, called Harmina, Tetrahydroharmina and to a lesser extent Harmaline – travel amazon . Instead, Chacruna leaves contribute large amounts of Dimethyltryptamine, or just DMT amazon travel .
Of the four main alkaloids contained in the concoction, DMT is primarily responsible for the effects of dizziness. Name given to the feeling of being under the psychoactive effects of the concoction. When DMT is ingested orally, it does not produce any effect since it is completely destroyed (oxidized)  amazon in the intestines by an enzyme called Monoamine Oxidase (MAO), which is found in our body and destroys DMT before it reaches the circulatory system and brain – amazon .
What is really extraordinary about the preparation of this concoction is how in a perfect and simple preparation it manages to combine DMT, with the B-carbolines of Ayahuasca. These components, Harmine and Harmaline, are inhibitors of the Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) enzyme. This means that they inhibit the production of the MAO enzyme which is responsible for controlling the level of certain brain chemicals called «amines», among them neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin – amazon travel . The MAO enzyme controls the level through oxidation. In this way this enzyme protects the brain from receiving destabilizing overdoses of amines through food – travel amazon .
What’s amazing about this concoction is that Harmaline inhibits enzymes to destroy DMT by allowing it to enter the bloodstream and reach the central nervous system of the brain – amazon .
The psychoactive effects of Ayahuasca  amazon are due to Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a substance that is secreted by our own body and is responsible for night dreams. According to the healers, the Chacruna is responsible for «painting the visions» while the Ayahuasca is the one that teaches behind the visions travel amazon .
All the researchers wonder – amazon : how is it that the indigenous people without any academic training, without any access to laboratory technology, have managed to find the connection between the chemical properties of Ayahuasca amazon  and the ability to allow the activation of a contained psychoactive substance (DMT)? in another plant, the effects of which could not be discovered under isolated consumption – amazon travel .

cientific investigation – Amazon .«Ayahuasca constitutes an intellectual challenge for our time amazon travel .»Today you can find a lot of scientific information about Ayahuasca amazon . But after going through a prolonged period of observation and self-experimentation in the middle of the Peruvian  amazon jungle, one realizes that the scientific basis on which some of the research is based is erroneous and incomplete. One of the biggest problems in the scientific approach is that studies suffer from the richness of direct observation in natural conditions – travel amazon .
In general, studies on Ayahuasca do not cover beyond the botanical or phyto-chemical and sometimes socio-anthropological framework. Few are the scientists who have tried to approach this phenomenon in situ and have carried out self-experiments respecting the very particular context of Ayahuasca amazon  practices – travel amazon .
However, Ayahuasca amazon  requires an in-formation process in the etymological sense of the term. The information cannot be collected from outside, but comes from inside the subject. Consequently, research that rules out self-experimentation is in fact cut off from the main data source and reduces the value of the hypotheses thus formulated. As Jacques Mabit states – travel amazon :“The moment the healer and the patient are under the effects of Ayahuasca amazon , that artificial discontinuity dissolves and the analytical separation of the observer loses validity – travel amazon . Ayahuasca makes ayahuasquero and vice versa. In the same way that dance is born with the movements of the dancer, he ceases to be a dancer when the dance ceases. They go extinct together and there is no longer a dancer or dance   – amazon travel . ”
In other words, we can see that Ayahuasca amazon and ayahuasquero are inseparable when conducting an investigation and proceeding separately demerits all research – amazon travel .
On the other hand, in experiments with the pure components, doses of 300 to 500 Mg are required. alkaloids (harmaline or tetrahydroarmine), to achieve a minimal effect, while the use of the preparation Ayahuasca amazon  by healers only needs doses of 19 to 30 Mg. of those same alkaloids, which suggests possible hunting effects in the empirical combination of the concoction.
We agree that the concoction constitutes an essential and key element of the healing technique – travel amazon , but at the same time many other elements intervene that condition the effect of the results and a study on Ayahuasca amazon that does not contemplate them is completely wrong – travel amazon ..
On the one hand we have the approach of phytochemistry, pharmacology and botany, which seek to act objectively by focusing on the substance, the brew and the raw material amazon . On the other hand, anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists focus primarily on the cultural context, seeking above all explanations in social dynamics – amazon travel .
In both cases, when trying to reduce reality to the field of observation that is the competence of said science, reality becomes incomplete amazon . Static representations cannot be used to point to a dynamic reality. Here, observer and observed are confused, subject and object are one.
The authors who undergo self-experimentation are the most interesting to consult about Ayahuasca  amazon since they can show us an approach from «within». Still, in the researches consulted, I have been surprised that less than 10 percent are based on self-experimentation and within that sample, less than half say they have experienced it more than 3 times. I would venture to say that this attitude responds more to an evasive personal response towards self-experimentation than to a sincere scientific attitude, a kind of personal alibi whose purpose is to save self-experimentation amazon travel .
There are a series of scientific investigations carried out in recent years, which have provided some important conclusions – amazon . We can mention some – travel amazon :The Takiwasi center, run by the French doctor Jacques Mabit, dedicated to the treatment of drug addicts based on the effects of Ayahuasca, has been operating in the northern jungle of Peru for the past 10 years travel amazon .
Investigations carried out by Dr. D. McKenna and Dr. Metzner in the Amazon jungle and Ayahuasca pharmacodynamics investigations at the Neuropsychology Foundation of the Hospital de Sant Pau, in Barcelona – amazon travel .
Based on these various investigations we can affirm the following about the physiological effect of Ayahuasca on the human body: the null hepato-toxicity of this plant compound – amazon travel .
Consumption of Ayahuasca in a controlled context has no side effects, is not addictive and does not show any withdrawal syndrome, that is, people do not show any symptoms of deficiency when they stop consuming it – travel amazon .
The use of psychotropic substances in the ritual framework, with the precautions of initiation, never induces a dependency or an addiction – amazon travel .
As stated by Josep Ma. Fericgla, Spanish expert in entheogen therapies:
«… after thousands of years of consumption in the Amazon there is not a single record of misuse, poisoning or accidents as a result of its use. There have been no cases of abuse or addiction to this substance, it is not toxic, it does not generate dependency and there is not a single case of crime associated with its consumption amazon travel . ”As much as it contains a psychoactive component, Ayahuasca amazon  cannot be considered and condemned as a classic drug with addictive and negative effects. On the contrary, we must observe that its consumption never occurs within a recreational or recreational context. The norm of its use places it within a controlled ritual context of sacred, spiritual and therapeutic characteristics that lead us to a process of deep introspection that reveals both pleasant and repressed experiences, so the use within a recreational, playful or compulsive is inadmissible  – amazon travel .

The vast majority of people who consume it, indigenous people, shamans, healers, psychologists, therapists, drug addicts, spiritual seekers, religious and interested in general, do not consider this plant as a drug, but as a tool for introspection, meditation , therapy, internal cleansing, self-exploration or as a sacrament – travel amazon .
It should also be noted that the flavor of the concoction is not pleasant, which keeps anyone who comes out of the proper context away – amazon travel .
There has been no accident, death or overdose insanity, but it is recommended to be very careful in its handling and that the consumption be directed by an expert in the field (Ayahuasquero amazon or shaman teacher), since the difficulty lies in the control and handling of the modified states of consciousness that are accessed – travel amazon .HE RITUAL SESSION  AYHAUASCA AMAZON .The ritual sessions of Ayahuasca  amazon are directed by the master healer or ayahuasquero teacher. The healer generally invites Ayahuasca  amazon to patients in night sessions held an average of two or three times per week. It is usually preferred to hold sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Pre-Session Preparation Ayahuasca .The ritual framework of its consumption begins in the days prior to the ceremony, where the participant must take care of their diet adjusting to a specific diet in preparation for their consumption amazon travel .
Participants are advised not to eat anything after lunch before the session, in order to facilitate dizziness and reduce nausea – travel amazon .
Villagers in general are not asked for special conditions of preparation for the session but those who are starting out on the path of curanderismo are required very strict conditions such as isolation in the jungle, rigid diet, fasting, abstinence from contact with fire, sexual abstinence, total exclusion of chili, salt, sugar, pig,  – amazon travel etc.
Throughout the Amazon, the rule of maintaining sexual abstinence before the session has always been established. In their words «you are going to diet a woman», the healers refer to the total abstinence from having sexual relations of any type in the days prior to the session – travel amazon .
Most people do not manifest a desire to undergo an initiatory process; he simply wants to experience a «different»  amazon experience, gain access to self-knowledge or solve a health problem or an existential question. For these patients, fasting or dieting are extremely low, the risks or dangers are almost nil, and the conditions for participation are very wide – travel amazon .
Subjects can participate in sessions from adolescence and in Amazonian ethnic groups some children participate from the age of 7 or 8 years – amazon travel .
Session Start Ayhuasca  Amazon .The session generally begins around 9:00 p.m. Participants sit on cushions on the floor, against the wall around the room travel  amazon .
The healer begins the session by lighting a strong tobacco cigarette – «mapacho» – with which he performs a brief ritual of cleaning and protecting the place and his own body. Then light and blow the smoke from the raccoon into the container containing the Ayahuasca amazon  and mix the smoke with the concoction, shaking the bottle travel amazon .
This small cleansing ritual is not intended to impress or suggest the participants, but on the contrary, it shows a respect for the sacred aspect to which you are going to have accessa amzon travel  ; it represents a language by which help and protection is requested from that other sacred world – travel amazon .
The participant’s posture plays an important role during the control of dizziness, being somewhat more manageable if he remains seated well with his back straight and his head raised. Similarly, you are more likely to feel disturbed and out of control if you lie down during the peak of dizziness  travel amazon .
Maintaining silence is important since during the session the senses in general are extremely sensitive, also maintaining darkness is important in order to have a better handling of visions  amazon .
Taking Medicine Ayahuasca Amazon .Immediately, the healer calls each participant and serves him a dose that he instinctively  amazon calculates based on the participant’s physical constitution, the nature and severity of his illness or the reason that leads him to take Ayahuasca and finally, depending on of the «force» of the purge. Once all the participants have drunk the dose of Ayahuasca he proceeds to take the appropriate dose himself. The healer always accompanies the patient in his dizziness amazon .
The first effects are perceived in a different period depending on the subjects and the sessions, but they generally appear after about 20 to 40 minutes and last an average of 3 hours – travel amazon .
When the level of dizziness is low, or when an individual does not «start», the teacher can intervene to increase dizziness amazon .
After a time that the healer considers prudent, he usually asks if any of the participants has not yet entered into «dizziness», and proposes that they take a second dose. The dizziness is quite evident and if you have doubts about whether or not you are under the effects, then most likely it is not yet or the dose has not been enough – travel amazon .
Behavior Within the Session Ayahusca Amazon .Within the ritual session of Ayahuasca amazon , the participants must respect a certain code of behavior to guarantee to a certain extent the correct development of the ceremony. These behaviors are Amazon  travel :
If possible, stay seated amazon . Physical posture reflects to some extent the spiritual attitude with which we receive medicine amazon . A dripping or falling posture implies a not very firm attitude. On the other hand, a sitting position with the head raised implies a good attitude. In eastern systems the same is reflected when practicing sitting meditation. Also, it is easier to control the effects when sitting than when lying down, where sometimes we can feel a lot of confusion amazon travel .
It is important to maintain complete silence throughout the session, avoid speaking as the experience is largely individual and internal, coming to greatly disturb the other participants if we start talking amazon . Likewise, we must avoid at all costs making sounds with our hands or feet, since under the effects of Ayahuasca amazon  the senses are sensitized to very powerful levels, disturbing others if we make annoying or repetitive sounds travel amazon .
Smoking tobacco (mapacho) during the session generally increases the effects of dizziness and should be treated with care by new participants travel amazon .
Emetic effect – Amazon  .During the course of dizziness, the participant may experience a spontaneous desire to vomit. This may create a previous rejection of the experience by the novices, but it must be understood that the concept of vomiting that is experienced in an Ayahuasca  amazon session is very different from the traditional concept, since vomiting is not accompanied by the discomfort of having eaten something that has intoxicated us stomach or have drunk more than necessary, but on the contrary, the emetic effects – travel amazon  (diarrhea and vomiting) are accompanied by psychological content – travel amazon . You throw up emotions and psychological blocks, which come out easily – amazon travel .
The emetic effects of Ayahuasca  amazon are an important part of the healing experience. For patients, the act of vomiting is a powerful experience, as the act of physical expulsion is accompanied by the conscious recognition of psycho-emotional content – travel amazon . These can be negative events, emotions, or attitudes. Within the internal imagery of the subject, this act can have a symbolic form, feeling that it vomits objects or animals – amazon travel .
Cognitively and emotionally the patient, for example, experiences letting go of guilt in the form of a butterfly, even feeling that the feeling is being vomited in physical form amazon . These inconsistent and irregular manifestations are attenuated with time and with repeated ingestion and especially with detox diets and fasts amazon .
“Vomiting caused as part of a ritual cleansing cleanses not only the body but also the mental; purifies and associates with him what we reject as spiritually harmful, materializing his expulsion; It implies casting out at the same time the physical and mental blocks, the image that we have of ourselves, and giving of ourselves, of the most intimate, of the entrails, accepting that we are also matter and not only spirit amazon travel … ”.
Vomiting within a ritual Ayahuasca amazon  session carries an energetic aspect. It involves «giving back» that which is in excess, what hurts us, what does not belong to us or that we have mistakenly taken. It can be associated with memories, emotions and visions of personal events, being in all cases a liberating experience travel amazon .
Closure of the Session Amazon .After the opening experience and visions of the session, the effects begin to recede and the session lasts for a few more hours in which the participants remain in a peaceful and deep collective silence in which each one concentrates on contemplation – amazon travel . of your inner universe. As they come out of the experience, the fatigue resulting from not having slept for most of the night appears amazon .
Most of the time, one experiences a kind of inability to find the words that can describe the state reached during the experience – travel amazon . Participants discuss the experience but feel that the words fail to describe the depth of the opening. Still, they feel that the people who have been in the session know what they are trying to describe and that they are experiencing the same difficulty – amazon travel .
At the end of the session the participant is advised not to eat food until breakfast the next day.

THE DIZZINESS –  AYAHUASCA AMAZON .Healers generally use the word «dizziness» to define the peculiar state of mind when the effects of Ayahuasca appear on the body – amazon travel . This word groups two notions amazon : drunkenness and visions amazon .
The term «dizziness» evokes the sensation of dizziness similar to that felt when drunkenness approaches, often perceived as successive waves that grow, reach a peak and then decrease rhythmically like a marine ebb – travel amazon .
Energy influences Ayahuasca Amazon  .Environmental factors are capable of powerfully modifying the states of consciousness of a subject under the effects of Ayahuasca, such as noise, light, degree of isolation, etc – travel amzon .
There is an evident reciprocal influence between the participants, which manifests itself during the session as subtle exchanges of «energies». Without losing the sense of individuality, the participant influences and receives influences from his peers amazon .These energies emanate from each participant and have a characteristic of «energy quality», which diffuses in the environment and finds more specific «inputs» in other subjects of a particular «energy quality». In other words, the influence occurs more easily between subjects who emanate the same level of energy vibration – amazon travel .
There is also a variable of influence due to physical proximity. When a participant is purging («throwing away»)  amazon negative energy, it can noticeably influence its closest neighbor. It is not uncommon for one participant to make another vomit due to an unbearable influence. These influences can also occur due to emotional proximity – travel amazon .
It should be noted that these influences do not necessarily have to be negative, since a participant who is experiencing an ecstatic state of compassionate love, notoriously influences the overall quality of the session by raising the level of the overall vibration – amazon travel .
The same energy can be perceived and metabolized differently by different participants – amazon . One may have a vision, while another will have a physical reaction such as a trembling in the body – travel amazon .
These manifestations can be very easily perceived by the healer who sometimes relocates a participant to balance the energy circulating in the room – amazon . In this sense, the healer is the moderator of the game and it is up to him to put each one in his place and avoid harmful interference – travel amazon .
In this way we can affirm that the entire Ayahuasca amazon  experience revolves around subtle energetic movements, within a semi-controlled management by the healer, influenced by the participants themselves and the environment – amazon travel . Each individual can experience the collective character of «dizziness» and the very close interactions that operate between participants – amazon travel .






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